Imam Ali Holy Shrine places Imam Hassan City for Pilgrims at the Health Ministry’s disposal

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Mahmoud al-Masoudi


The General Secretariat of Imam Ali Holy Shrine has decided to place Imam Hassan City for Pilgrims at the disposal of the Najaf Directorate of Health.

The head of the Safety Department at the Holy Shrine, Eng. Ali al-Ghuraifi, stated, “After coordination with the Najaf Directorate of Health, Imam Ali Holy Shrine has prepared Imam Hassan City for Pilgrims to be a place for quarantine, providing all the medical requirements for 250 beds.”  

Al-Ghuraifi added that the Holy Shrine provides full logistical support for those quarantined inside the city as well as the medical staffs by providing three meals a day, along with all other necessities.

Imam Ali Holy Shrine, through its various departments, has contributed remarkably to the preventive measures against the threat of coronavirus, including the sterilization works on the streets of the old city and the entrances leading to the Holy Shrine, as well as the rest of its public facilities, using sterilizers and disinfectants approved by the World Health Organization. The Holy Shrine has also launched health awareness campaigns by printing and distributing hundreds of thousands of brochures on coronavirus prevention.

It is noteworthy that the Holy Shrine of Imam Hussain had placed its Sayyed al-Awsiya Modern City for Pilgrims at the Health Ministry’s disposal on March 20, 2020.

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