Al-Abbas Holy Shrine publishes “Sistani the Cynosure” book

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The Translation Department of al-Ameed International Center for Researches and Studies, affiliated with the Department of Cultural and Intellectual Affairs at al-Abbas Holy Shrine, has published a new book titled “Sistani the Cynosure”.

Head of the department, Sterling Professor Haider Ghazi al-Moosawi , said, "This publication is the culmination of what was written by writers, philosophers and academics in research centers and various universities of the world to be a literary, linguistic and psychological analysis of the fatwas and statements of the Supreme Religious Authority in the darkest circumstances. "

Al-Moosawi added, “This publication is among nineteen issued recently by the department and translated from Arabic to English and vice versa."

The Translation Department at al-Ameed International Center for Researches and Studies specializes in translating publications from Arabic to English and vice versa in order to introduce the community with the views of others and create interaction in a peaceful and global manner.

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