Two new medical centers to be constructed to help Covid-19 patients

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Due to the increasing number of Covid-19 patients, the Imam Hussain Shrine is to construct two medical centers in Baghdad.

Engr. Hussain Ridha, the director of the Department of Engineering Projects at the Imam Hussain Shrine, said, “The Imam Hussain Shrine has decided to construct two medical centers with 150 beds each in Baghdad,” adding that the efforts the Imam Hussain Shrine has been exerting are to support the Iraqi Ministry of Health to take in Covid-19 patients.

It’s noteworthy that the shrines in Iraq have responded to the directives of the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority to augment the role of the Ministry of Health, put pilgrims’ cities at the disposal of the ministry, and been constructing new medical centers since March 2020.


By: Faris EshShereafy

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