New flour mill to augment Iraq's economy

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Noor EsSebtain Flour Mill is another project that the Imam Hussain Shrine is currently implementing to augment Iraq’s economy.

The director of Khairat EsSebtain Company, Hasan Resheed Elebaiechy, said, “The project is a partnership between the public sector and the private sector, and it aims to increase flour productivity and employ labor in a number of sectors, such as industry, agriculture, and transportation.”

Elebaiechy added that Iraq consumes approximately 4 million tons of various types of flour a day, and this project will participate substantially in providing a significant proportion of Iraq’s need for flour.

Representative of Eliz Company Engr. Abdu-Emeer Dhahir said, “The mill has two production lines — each produces 250 tons of flour a day, and that will help to double its productivity.”


By: Ameer Elhashimy & Mohammed Elesfoor

Editing: Faris EshShereafy

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