Fedek farm to plant 10,000 date palm shoots

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Fedek Farm, affiliated with the Imam Hussain Shrine, is preparing to plant date palm shoots for the coming season.

The farm’s director, agronomist Fa’iz Abulma’aly, said, “The staff working on the farm have finished all the preparations needed to plant date palm shoots for the coming season by leveling the ground, plowing it, and equipping it with an irrigation system.”

Over 10,000 date palm shoots of various rare and distinguished Arabic, foreign and local origins have been prepared, indicated Abulma’aly.

He added that over an 852-acre area has been allocated for growing date trees, noting that this project aims to utilize pieces of desert, develop agriculture in the city of Kerbela, preserve good and rare Iraqi date trees, and establish a gene bank for date trees, in addition to employing labor and limiting date import.


By: Mustafa Ahmed Bahidh

Photography: Mohammed Abulma’aly

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