Elwarith factory for air conditioners – first of its kind in Iraq

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After 2 years of arrangements, the Imam Hussain Shrine has established Elwarith factory for air conditioners in the holy city of Kerbela.

Director of the Air-conditioning Division at the Imam Hussain Shrine Safa’ Ali said, “This project aims to provide a national product, recognized by the International Organization for Standardization.”

Ali added that the productive capacity of the factory is 400 air conditioners: 1-5 tons, a day, noting there is ambition to produce 1000 air conditioners a day.

He indicated that the project is not aiming to make profit but to re-instill confidence in the employees working in the field of the national industry, which can ensure job opportunities for engineers and technicians.

“These air conditioners are power efficient and heat resistant to over 60°,” mentioned Ali.

He concluded, saying that the Imam Hussain Shrine is ambitious to establish other factories for manufacturing appliances in order to keep funds inside Iraq.


By: Mustafa Ahmed Bahidh

Photography: Huesenain EshShershahi

Translation: Mohammed Elobaidi

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