Siemens: We would like to appreciate the medical services provided by Holy Shrine

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The chief clerk of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine met the general supervisor of the German company of Siemens in Iraq, Mr. Marcus Kramer, and discussed the ways of supplying the Holy Shrine’s hospitals with modern devices.

Mr. Muhammed al-Jabouree, the exclusive agent in Iraq said “The German company of Siemens attends to meet the chief clerk of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine al-Shaykh abdulmahadi al-Karbalaee and thank the Holy Shrine on its medical service to the Iraqi community”.
Adding “The German company is working on supplying the Cancer Hospital affiliated to the Shrine with modren devices as the company supplied the hospitals of Imam Zain al-Abdeen and al-Safeer as well the medical center of al-Sayyeda Zainab”. 
It is worth mentioning that the medical services in al-Safeer hospital and the medical center of al-Sayyeda Zainab present them free while the hospital of Imam Zain al-Abdeen are presented supported prices. The Shrine also is working on completing the two big hospitals on cancer and cardiac.

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