New facility to teach knowledge of Ahlul-Bayet (Peace Be Upon Them)

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Imam Hussein Shrine has announced the inauguration of Imam Hussein Hall, which is a new facility added to many where religious observances are commemorated and the knowledge of the Ahlul-Bayet (Peace Be Upon Them) is taught.


Sheikh Abdul-Mehdi El-Kerbela’ey – during the inaugural ceremony – hoped that it will be one of the prominent religious schools to spread the knowledge of the Ahlul-Bayet (Peace Be Upon Them).


El-Kerbela’ey said to Imam Hussein Shrine website that teaching people the knowledge of the Ahlul-Bayet (Peace Be Upon Them) creates a society that is able to face all types of societal difficulties.


He stressed the importance of commemorating the Husseinian observances, for they instill the principles of Imam Hussein (Peace Be Upon Him) in people, especially Rekdhet Twereej that has remained throughout the ages.


The Husseinian Hall has been built in El-Hendeya District by the people of the district.



By: Ibrahim El-Uwaini

Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi

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