El-Kerbela'e: West Anbar must be liberated soon

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The custodian of Imam Hussein Shrine sheikh Abdul-Mehdi El-Kerbela’e – in a meeting with Ali El-Akber Brigade commanders – stressed the importance of quickly liberating the rest of the areas - West Anbar city - that are under the control of ISIS “the terrorists, in addition to protecting the civilians from ISIS.”


Ali El-Hemdani, Brigade Commander, said that El-Kerbela’e acquainted himself with the way the military operations are carried out by the brigade, in addition to the updates of the last reconnaissance.


He added, “The last territory to liberate is El-Qa’im, and there is no more ISIS except for the sleeper cells.”


Ali El-Akber Brigade is one of the formations of the popular mobilization forces that took part in all of the liberation operations ever since ISIS attacked Iraq.




By: Mohammed Hemeed Es-Sewaf & Amer Nuri

Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi

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