El-Kerbela'e immortalizes paramilitary sniper (Hunter of ISIS)

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The custodian of Imam Hussein Shrine sheikh Abdul-Mehdi El-Kerbela’e requested that a modern sniping machine be displayed at Imam Hussein museum.


Such a unique initiative is one of a kind. What made his eminence El-Kerbela’e ask for the sniping machine to be displayed at the museum was to immortalize the martyr Ali Cheyad, locally known as “Abo Tehseen Es-Salihi,” and in the battlefield known as “The Hunter of ISIS.” Using this sniping machine, Es-Salihi eliminated a great number of ISIS militants.  


Es-Salihi was born in the city of Basrah in 1953. As a soldier in the Iraqi army, he took part in various wars since 1973, in addition to the battles against ISIS.


He was a distinctive paramilitary, in Ali El-Akber paramilitary brigade – popular mobilization forces, for he killed many ISIS leaders and snipers; it is said that he killed more than 350 ISIS militants carrying weapons.



Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi

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