First Annual Conference for Husseinian processions and service groups

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The Cultural Project and Activity Center of Imam Hussein Shrine in the city of Diywanya has held the first annual conference for Husseinian processions and free service groups.


They discussed important matters that help overcome the obstacles in terms of offering the pilgrims of Imam Hussein (Peace Be Upon Him) better services.


Sheikh Ali El-Qerawi, representative of Imam Hussein Shrine in the conference, delivered a speech in which he said that it is important to maintain the divine legislations and laws in everything humans do.


El-Qerawi called the Husseinina processions and groups for honoring pilgrims when serving them and offering them all the conveniences possible.


It is worth mentioning that millions of pilgrims have started coming on foot from the Southern cities of Iraq towards the holy city of Kerbela in order to commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein, his family, and his companions (Peace Be Upon Them).



Translation: Mohammed ALobaidi

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