Fruitful steps taken to attend visually-impaired people

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Imam Hussain Institute for Visually-impaired People has been recognized by the Iraqi Ministry of Education as of 5-15-2018.

Sami Jawad Kadhim – institute director – said that the elementary school of the institute categorized students according to age: 6-10-year-old young students, 10-15-year-old adult students, 12-18-year-old Accelerated-learning students, and 15-55-year-old Literacy students. 

Kadhim said further that students will receive free-of-charge education: stationary, transportation, and other services required, in addition to granting them a recognized Elementary-school degree upon graduation.

Through this institute, Imam Hussain Shrine is seeking to take as many visually-impaired students as possible in Kerbela and other cities in order to attend them, educate them, and enhance their capabilities.



By: Majid Hemeed

Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi

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